Weight loss success stories

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I started with Dr. Tumpati and W8MD in August 2014. I weighed 212 pounds. I am a five feet tall woman, at the time I was 56 years old. I was depressed, my cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar were all elevated, and I was altogether miserable.   At this writing, November 2019, I have lost and maintained 100 pounds. All my blood levels are now normal. I have energy, vitality, and if I say so myself, I look AMAZING!   Following the program, which can take a variety of forms, but for me means taking the doctor-prescribed medication and following a very low calorie very low carbohydrate diet, not only resulted in this dramatic 100 pound weight loss in just slightly over a year and my ability to continue to maintain my now healthy and desirable weight, but the amazing thing was that in very short order ALL cravings DISAPPEARED!!!   For me, adherence to the routine, monthly office visits, the ongoing support of the positive staff, and the continuing encouragement of Dr. Tumpati, all contribute to what I daily experience as a TRUE TRANSFORMATION. I cannot recommend this program enough!